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McDonald Group International, Inc

Water, Wastewater, Environmental Engineering 


Wastewater Treatment Plant, Panama (Planta de Tratamiento Aguas Residuales)

This three miillion gallon per day facility,  constructed along the coast between the City of Panama (Cd. de Panama) and Tocumen airport was originally designed in 1996 and designed  by McDonad Group International Inc. to be expanded in logical increments as the service area around it grew.  The initial facility in 1996 was designed as a 100,000 gallons per day  extended aeration treatment plant. In 2000 it was expanded through common wall construction to 200,000 gallons per day.  By 2004 the facility had been expanded again to 400,000 gallons per day. A master plan to eventually expand the plant to 4.5 MGD over the years to come was also developed.   In mid decade,  growth of the service area rapidly accelerated with the construction of numerous  high story, multi family and commercial edifices.

The plant was expanded again to a 1.5 million gallons per day oxidation ditch process, with the original treatment plant  tankage utilized for side stream processes.   Following the master plan, the faciliity was again expanded through mirroring the main process and common wall construction techniques to three million gallons per day.

Photo above shows one of the two 1.5 MGAL ditches,  and the dual clarifiers in the back ground.  From the operator's elevated control room, the operator has a complete view of the entire plant and its process.  Photo below shows  the sludge recycle pumping system between two of the clarifiers