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McDonald Group International, Inc

Water, Wastewater, Environmental Engineering 


St Lucia -  Plant Under Construction

This project was to salvage the usable tankage from a failed Membrane Bio Reactor treatment plant. The treatment plant started its service life as an unusual series of round molded fibeglass tanks, operating as a conventional treatment process. As sometimes happens, the original design had insufficient capacity for the high end resort it serves needs. It had been converted into a membrane bio reactor plant in attempt to build capacity, but within a few years, membrane capacity deteriorated.  The project was a complex one to expand the original plant and convert it back to a conventional, extended aeration plant with all the appurtenances needed for supplying reclaimed water.

Major modificatons to the existing aeration tanks, flow equalization tank,  construction of a new settling tank and filtration system were needed. As if often the case, space was limited.  

The goal was to convert the plant from a proprietary process  using  proprietary equipment and installation from limited sources,   design needing a highly skilled operator, to one more readily familiar to management staff and using off the shelf, non proprietary equipment